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How to send large files directly?

by | 4 March 2014 | Linux | 0 comments

Sometimes I want to send large files directly from one PC to another without uploading them to any server. So I started to find a solution. I had three conditions:



1. The service should support directly sending files without uploading to any server/hosting/cloud etc.

2. I wanted to do it without installing additional software.

3. The service should work between any operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X).

After testing many sites I liked When you want to send big files directly from one PC to another, just drag and drop a file or files to this page. After this click “Create link” button then you will see an unique link. Send this link to your friend via e-mail or any. When somebody click this link on other PC the direct transfer between your PCs will start.



Please remember that the created link is valid only for a 10 minutes. It means that you have to start downloading within 10 minutes (the transfer can last more than 10 minutes of course).

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