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Yubico Authenticator doesn’t work in Linux

by | 3 February 2022 | Linux | 2 comments

Recently I had a problem: Yubico Authenticator doesn’t work in Linux. I downloaded the appimage and ran it. But it didn’t work at all. I couldn’t scan any QR code. I saw only “Unknown error” in Yubico Authenticator when I tried to add some account.

Yubico Authenticator Unknown error

Unknown error

I tried to get more information so I ran Yubico Authenticator in terminal. Then I got these informations:

WARNING: PC/SC not available. Smart card protocols will not function.
qml: calculateAll failed: No eligiable connections are available ([<class 'yubikit.core.smartcard.SmartCardConnection'>]).
Yubico Authenticator Unknown Error

Yubico Authenticator Unknown Error


After a quick research I found something is missing in my operating system. It was Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC (daemon side). So after installing it Yubico Authenticator and YubiKey work perfectly!

To install pcscd in Ubuntu based Linux, type this:

sudo apt install pcscd

So after installing pcscd you never will have a problem Yubico Authenticator doesn’t work in Linux!

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