When I use Ubuntu the resolution always was OK except tty. The resolution which was set up on GNOME or Unity was not the same on tty when I pressed eg. Ctrl + Alt +F2. Sometimes I prefer to use fullscreen tty and last time I decided to change the resolution on GRUB and tty to the native.

So let’s start!

First – restart the system: press and hold shift key and when you will see grub menu press “c” in order to go to command line. Then type “vbeinfo” and hit enter. You will see all resolutions supported by your VGA card. Remember one which is best for you and run linux normally.

Next step is editing grub config file:

and add these lines:


Of course the “1440x900x32” is value from my Vostro 1710 laptop, you should write there best resolution for your display.

Next save the “/etc/default/grub” file and make this command:

Now after restart the system you should see grub menu and tty with new resolution you set up.

Here is my /etc/default/grub file:

In the last line you can see that I added a picture(wallpaper.jpg) from my boot partition to make a new background image on GRUB menu. The picture is on the boot partition because I have a full encrypted partition with my system. Only boot partition in not encrypted.

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