Rename multiple files and remove some characters

Sometimes you have to rename multiple files and remove some characters. For instance After compressing images you have multiple jpg files with “min” characters:

In this case we want to remove part of file name – “min.”. In order to do it we will use rename command:

This command will remove “min.” from every jpg file (*.jpg). If you want to remove from any file in the directory,…

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Batch converting images in command line

Today I wanted to resize some pictures. I always use command line and “convert” to do it. Usually I type this:

  This command resizes me picture to 1024 pixels in width.   Today I wanted do the same but I had more pictures. So if you would like to do batch convert type this in terminal:


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Synchronize data in Ubuntu using rsync

Last time I bought a desktop PC to my small office. I wanted to have a PC which will be always in my office, because getting notebook every time is not comfortable. So I bought Dell OptiPlex 760 Form Factor (FF) with this configuration: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 2 x 3,0 Ghz, 6MB Cache, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD. I deleted Windows and I installed Ubuntu 16.04, of…

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