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About blog

A few words about this blog.

This blog was founded many years ago. First I used it like a notepad to save my tricks in Linux. I didn’t write regularly and treated it rather for me than for other people. But in 2020 I decided to try write more regularly and reorganize categories.

I am a web developer. It is natural that my topics are connected with PHP, WordPress and many technologies used in website developing, so I decided to write about it here. Because the environment for websites and web applications usually use Linux technologies I decided to leave my old posts and I will write something new articles about Linux software and tools I use to develop new projects.

To summarise, we will have here three categories:

  • Linux¬† – tips, tricks and other tutorials useful on Linux systems,
  • WordPress – tutorials connected with WordPress (including plugins and themes),
  • PHP – articles about programming in PHP and topics which are around PHP (including Laravel and other interesting libraries).